Bakery Raw Materials



Unifine Food & Bake Ingredients includes various types of ready to use gels & glazes under the Fruibel brand. Fruibel galzes are available in a variety of types and qualities. Through a hot or cold process, these glazes are ideal for covering cakes and pastries. They give products excellent and long lasting shine, and therefore contribute to an impressive appearance

Cold glaze

Our cold glazes are used for decorating desserts or glazing fresh fruits, mirror effect, flat applications, glazing entire surface of cakes, marble effects etc. Our glazes impart a permanent fresh look on your finished product.

The superb flow, thin and therefore economical coating and easy processing characteristics are the best sellers in this class. Our Cold Glazes are available in these forms:

Hot glaze

These are concentrated glazes for hot applications with a brush or with a spray. Our concentrated glazes can be diluted up to 70% with water.

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