Ice Cream Raw Materials

ICE CREAM is made from Milk and Milk products, Sugar, Stabilizers & Emulsifiers. Indian Ice Cream market can be segmented in three different ways, namely on the basis of flavors, on the basis of stock keeping units / packaging and on the basis of consumer segments. On the basis office cream flavors the market today has a number of flavors like vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mango, butterscotch a number of fruit flavors, dry fruit flavors traditional flavors like Kesar- Pista, Gelato etc.

Ice cream - Gelato


A Fine Italian Gelato (ice cream) is a prefect blend of strong and delicate flavours, which thrill the palate at first and prolong the pleasure over time with their delicate deliciousness. It is triumph of colour, fantasy and wholesomeness which has left consumers, from all over the world, literally with their mouths wide open. Just like a fine traditional Italian family, the numerous MEC3 products are an invaluable aid to quality products, raw materials of which haven been carefully selected, to ensure that the final preparations enjoy long-life in gelato (ice cream) parlours all over

Dark Compound Spray

Milk Compound Coating

White Compound Coating

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